November 2010
PAEA Networker

Moves & Milestones

Richard Muma Named Associate Provost at Wichita State

Richard Muma, PhD, MPH, PA-C, will become associate provost for quality assurance and accountability in the Office of Academic Affairs and Research at Wichita State University (WSU) starting January 1. Currently professor and chair of the WSU Department of Public Health Sciences in the College of Health Professions, he has been on the faculty there for 14 years, including seven as chair of the PA department.

In his new position, Muma will play a key role in the university's reshaping initiative, as it focuses on the Kansas Board of Regents' strategic goals to align higher education more closely with workforce needs. He will also lead efforts to meet new standards and improve processes for quality improvement. Muma was previously involved with the College of Health Professions workforce and diversity initiatives, winning large grants for teaching programs and student scholarships.

Before coming to WSU, Muma taught in the PA program at the University of Texas-Galveston and chaired the St. Louis University PA education department, where he was an associate professor.

Ralph Rice Appointed Associate Dean and Director at University of Florida
Ralph Rice, DHSc, PA-C, will take over as associate dean and director of the School of Physician Assistant Studies at the University of Florida (UF) College of Medicine as of January 18, 2011. He was chosen for the position following a national search to find a successor to Wayne Bottom, MPH, PA-C, who retired in June after 27 years.

Dr. Rice comes to UF from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he has been an associate professor and associate program director for the PA program since 2006. Prior to that, he was academic coordinator in the PA department at Missouri State University. Rice began his career as an emergency medicine PA and has also worked in internal medicine and pulmonary medicine.

Rice’s return to Gainesville will be somewhat of a homecoming. He earned his PA degree from UF in 1991 and worked for the College of Medicine as a clinical assistant professor for the PA program.

First PA Program in Middle East Opens Its Doors
In September, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduced its inaugural class of 27 PA students at the Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences (PSMCHS) in Dhahran. The program, under development since September 2009, is a partnership between the George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates (GWU−MFA) and the Medical Services Directorate of the Ministry of Defense and Aviation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which provides medical care to 37 percent of the country’s civilian population as well as within the military.

This first class of the two-year master’s level program consists of male officers from the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces’ Medical Services. The 28-month program is similar to PA programs in the United States, with a training model based on general medical and surgical knowledge and skills. Initial faculty members of the PSMCHS program, all from GWU−MFA, include Program Director David Fahringer, Academic Coordinator James Hull, and Clinical Coordinator Patrick Enking.

The Saudi Arabia program is made possible through the International Physician Assistant Development Program, a project of the GWU−MFA Department of Emergency.

First class of 27 students from the Assistant Physician (AP) Program at PSMCHS. Front row, left to right: Amy Keim, program director, International Physician Assistant Development Department of Emergency Medicine, GWU–MFA; Patrick Enking, clinical coordinator of AP Program, PSMCHS; David Fahringer, program director of AP Program; James Hull Jr., academic coordinator of AP Program; Brigadier General Saleh Al-Shayea, college director, PSMCHS

First class of AP students are taught life-saving CPR skills by International PA Development Program Coordinator and BLS Instructor Megan Williams during orientation week.

Photos by Kalum Perera, Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences